Tobacco Free Allegheny, Live Well Allegheny, & Partners to Celebrate Smoking Cessation Awareness Week with Allegheny Quits for Life

Did you know that November 11-17 is Smoking Cessation Awareness Week? To raise awareness about tobacco cessation, Tobacco Free Allegheny (TFA), Live Well Allegheny, and supporting partners are joining together for the fourth annual Allegheny Quits for Life week. A week-long series of events and communications, the campaign is designed to support Allegheny County residents’ efforts to quit smoking and stop using tobacco products. Throughout the week TFA partners will be promoting tobacco cessation and healthy activities.

Smoking rates are declining nationally, but the battle is far from over. Every day, roughly 1,300 Americans die from smoking-related illnesses. This is not just a national problem; the health effects of tobacco disproportionately affect Western Pennsylvanians. In Allegheny County, 23% of county residents smoke exceeding the rate of Pennsylvanians (21%) and Americans (18.1%).

To combat the negative impacts of tobacco and build a healthier Allegheny County, TFA serves as a community resource, providing education about tobacco use and the harmful effects of secondhand smoke exposure. By celebrating Allegheny Quits for Life, TFA and its partners raise awareness about smoking cessation resources, the harmful effects of smoking, and promote healthy activities that can be used to substitute tobacco usage.

Allegheny Quits for Life partners are critical in conveying the message that a smoke-free Allegheny is a healthier Allegheny. There are a variety of ways to get involved in the celebration! Check out the list below for ways to be a part of Allegheny Quits for Life:

Additionally, we encourage you to join in the celebration on Tuesday, November 13th by participating in Tango Tuesday! Tango Tuesday is the official kick-off of Allegheny Quits for Life Cessation Awareness week. The event features a free dance class with Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh, resources from local health organizations, a public press conference & more! See the Facebook Event for more information about Tango Tuesday!

For more information about the events and activities during Allegheny Quits for Life week, please visit: