In January 2014, Allegheny County launched Live Well Allegheny to promote wellness in Allegheny County. Led by the Board of Health and the health department’s Chronic Disease Prevention program, Live Well Allegheny highlights the importance of increasing physical activity and healthy eating, and of taking a proactive approach to health.

This long-term, community-wide effort focuses on more than just physical health. It also includes mental wellness, personal safety, community preparedness, and efforts to improve well-being and quality of life, education and health literacy. Live Well Allegheny‘s goals will evolve in response to trends, data and statistics brought to bear by the Health Department and its stakeholders.


Live Well Allegheny, an initiative of the Allegheny County Health Department, is a county-wide campaign to improve the overall health and wellness of Allegheny County residents.

The campaign aims to improve health and well-being of residents through collaborative work with partners, stakeholders, and residents. Live Well Allegheny connects communities, schools, workplaces, restaurants, and community partners in collective action to achieve our goal of making Allegheny County the healthiest county in the nation.

We encourage all of the municipalities, school districts, restaurants, and workplaces in Allegheny County to Gain Live Well status and join us in making Allegheny County a healthy place to live.

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Our goal is to include activities in all 130 municipalities that call Allegheny County home – including the 90 neighborhoods comprising the City of Pittsburgh and all of our county’s 43 school districts.

Strategic Initiatives

The Moving the Needle on Childhood Obesity Project created this report to develop an impact strategy to reduce childhood obesity:

Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH) Grant

Health in All Policies Initiative

Childhood Obesity Intervention Cost-Effectiveness Study (CHOICES)

Safe & Healthy Communities

Live Well Student-Led Initiatives

Richard King Mellon Foundation Grant