Gateway Health

Gateway HealthGateway Health℠ delivers quality and affordable healthcare for its members. With more than 20 years of service to the community, Gateway strongly believes in doing things “A better way.” We don’t believe in just fulfilling members’ health insurance needs. At Gateway, we also assist our members in many aspects of their daily lives that affect their health and well-being. Gateway understands that overall health is more than a factor of genetics and lifestyle – and that where one lives shouldn’t matter about the quality of care received. That’s why Gateway offers a variety of health plan options for beneficiaries eligible for Medicaid or Medicare. Our large network provides access to top-notch physicians, hospitals and health providers to make sure our members have access to the care they deserve. When communities are healthier, everybody wins.

Gateway delivers service to members whether young and Growing Up With Gateway℠ or older and living with chronic conditions. From regular doctor visits to emergency care, the Gateway team works hard for each member.

Website: Gateway Health