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Newest Live Well Allegheny Restaurants Announced

February 14, 2017

PITTSBURGH – The Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD) today announced that four more restaurants have received the Live Well Allegheny Restaurant designation. They are:

Spirit Restaurant, 242 51st Street, Pittsburgh 15201
Apollo Café, 429 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh 15219
Tender Bar + Kitchen, 4300 Butler Street, Pittsburgh 15201
Shab’s Grill, 339 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh 15222

Each of the restaurants has indicated the intent to work with the county to accomplish the goals of the Live Well Allegheny campaign, and has outlined the steps the facility intends to take. At a minimum, the leadership at each establishment has committed to eliminated trans-fat oils, being smoke-free, and not selling tobacco products. Each has also committed to four additional action steps that are responsible business practices, and will provide healthy options for patrons. Finally, each has also received various designations as part of the Sustainable Restaurant Program. To learn what each restaurant is doing to “live well,” visit the Live Well Restaurants page.

“We are glad to welcome these restaurants into the Live Well Allegheny family. They are providing great healthy options for the residents of our county” said Director Dr. Karen Hacker.

Fuel & Fuddle and Square Cafe are Newest Live Well Allegheny Restaurants!

December 8, 2016

PITTSBURGH – The Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD) today announced that two restaurants, both in the City of Pittsburgh, are the latest restaurants to receive the Live Well Allegheny designation.

The two new Live Well Allegheny Restaurants are:

  • Fuel and Fuddle, 212 Oakland Avenue, Pittsburgh (Oakland neighborhood)
  • Square Café, 1137 South Braddock Avenue, Pittsburgh (Regent Square neighborhood)

Both restaurants have also received designations as part of the Sustainable Pittsburgh Program, as well as having indicated the intent to work with the county to accomplish the goals of the campaign. Specifically, Fuel and Fuddle and Square Café have committed to offer and promote menu items that are low in calories, vegetarian/ vegan fare, healthy side dishes including fruits and vegetables and healthier beverage options.

Both restaurants offer brown rice and other whole grains as an alternative to white rice and white bread and will use plant-based oils for cooking and baking, provide healthier beverage options. The children’s menu they provide will adhere to the Kids Live Well criteria as established by the National Restaurant Association. Square Café has also committed to offer half portions, provide low calorie salad dressings and offer low fat or skim milk. Both restaurants provide a location to store bicycles at or near their location.

“We are happy to add additional healthy dining options to Live Well Allegheny”. said Health Department Director Dr. Karen Hacker. “More restaurants are coming on board offering customers healthier options and we hope that the public will take advantage of them.”

Learn more about Live Well Allegheny Restaurants.

Big Burrito Restaurant Group Facilities Designated as Live Well Restaurants

big Burrito Restaurant Group gains Live Well Restaurant status

Dr. Karen Hacker with big Burrito Restaurant Group Corporate Chef Bill Fuller

PITTSBURGH – This week, Dr. Karen Hacker, Director of the Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD), presented Corporate Chef Bill Fuller with the Live Well Allegheny Restaurant designation for all of the restaurants in the big Burrito Restaurant Group that are located in Allegheny County. The announcement was made at Eleven on Wednesday morning.

“The big Burrito Restaurant Group provides a variety of healthy food options in its restaurants for all Allegheny County residents” said Dr. Hacker. “I am so pleased to see the commitment to Live Well Allegheny across the entire company. The group provide a great model for how to provide healthy options for multiple tastes in a variety of eating establishments.”

The new Live Well Restaurants are:

  • Casbah, 229 S Highland Avenue, Pittsburgh (Shadyside)
  • Eleven, 1150 Smallman Street, Pittsburgh (Strip District)
  • Kaya, 2000 Smallman Street, Pittsburgh (Strip District)
  • Mad Mex, 4100 William Penn Highway, Monroeville
  • Mad Mex, 7905 McKnight Road, Ross
  • Mad Mex, 200 S Highland Avenue, Pittsburgh (Shadyside)
  • Mad Mex, 2 Robinson Plaza, Park Manor Drive, Robinson
  • Mad Mex, Scott Towne Center, 2101 Greentree Road, Scott
  • Mad Mex, 370 Atwood Street, Pittsburgh (Oakland)
  • Soba, 5847 Ellsworth Avenue, Pittsburgh (Shadyside)
  • Umi, 5847 Ellsworth Avenue, Pittsburgh (Shadyside)

Each of the establishments has indicated the intent to work with the county to accomplish the goals of the campaign. Additionally, each has outlined steps to be taken by the facility to help meet those goals. At a minimum, the leadership at each establishment has committed to eliminating trans-fat oils, being smoke free and not selling tobacco products.

“As professionals we make our living by feeding people. It thrills us to supplement our mission of pleasing our guest’s senses with nurturing their total health and welfare.  We look forward to participating in the increased positive living of our communities and working in partnership with the ACHD,” said Bill Fuller, Corporate Chef, big Burrito Restaurant Group.

Each of the eleven restaurants is also committed to providing calorie counts and other nutritional information on menus or making the information otherwise readily available to customers; offering vegetarian/vegan fare; providing healthy side dishes including fruit and vegetables that can be ordered in lieu of higher fat/sugar/salt options; using plant based oils for cooking and baking; providing low calorie salad dressings; and offering low fat milk as an alternate to cream for hot beverages. Soba, Umi, Casbah, Kaya and Mad Mex Shadyside also provide a location to store bicycles at or near the restaurant.

The big Burrito Restaurant Group was also recently recognized as a Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant by Sustainable Pittsburgh.

Live Well Allegheny was launched in January 2014 as a comprehensive, innovative strategy on wellness that embraces a broad concept of living well to include physical health, mental wellness, personal and community safety, prevention and preparedness, and much more. The effort is being led by the Board of Health and Health Department Director Dr. Karen Hacker.