Bringing Together Community Partners to Build a Culture of Health

February 2, 2017

PITTSBURGH – On January 10, 2017, we kicked off the Live Well Learning Collaborative with an in-person meeting that was open to all Live Well Allegheny members and partners. The Live Well Learning Collaborative convenes participants and share the what, where, why, and how of implementing health initiatives. Eighty-five participants representing 47 different Live Well Allegheny partners attended. The purpose was first to discuss Health in All Policies and how to apply it to different organizations, to showcase Live Well Allegheny partner initiatives and to encourage participants to identify future action steps for their organizations.

There were three different sessions during the Learning Collaborative meeting. During Session # 1, attendees engaged in a presentation from the Health Department Director Dr. Karen Hacker and staff members about using a Health in All Policies approach to their organization.  They also heard from Chris “Steel” Edmonds from the Athletic Trauma Unit about his journey to health as a former NFL player.

In Session # 2, participants had an opportunity to learn from other Live Well Allegheny members that have collaborated to successfully implement health initiatives. Lastly, participants had an opportunity to think about the future of Live Well Allegheny in Session # 3. Working in small groups, participants completed activities to provide feedback about priorities for the Learning Collaborative and brainstorm new ways to reach our goal of becoming the healthiest county in the United States.

The Learning Collaborative will build capacity for Live Well Allegheny members by providing information at upcoming events, webinars, and newsletters. To learn more about the event, please check out the page on our website.

Interested in hosting a Live Well Learning Collaborative workshop in the future? Please contact Erica Bryson at or (412) 247-7964.