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In January 2014, Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald launched Live Well Allegheny. Led by the Board of Health and Health Department Director Dr. Karen Hacker, the program is a comprehensive, innovative campaign promoting wellness in Allegheny County.

The Live Well Allegheny campaign highlights the need to increase physical activity, eat right, and be proactive in managing health.

Live Well Allegheny is about more than just physical health. Live Well Allegheny will focus on mental wellness, personal and community safety, preparedness, improving well-being and quality of life, education, health literacy and so much more. Through a coordinated, local effort, the Live Well Allegheny campaign can have a real impact on the health and well-being of county residents, and can result in a healthier county.

A group of stakeholders will assist Dr. Hacker and the Board of Health in identifying areas of challenge and work with the campaign on a strategic plan for activities and events related to obesity prevention and physical activity promotion. The initial goals of the campaign are broad to respond to trends, data and statistics brought to bear by the Health Department and its stakeholders.

Future plans for the campaign include activities in all 130 municipalities, the 90 neighborhoods in the City of Pittsburgh and the 43 school districts that call Allegheny County home. While the activity could be a walk or run, Live Well Allegheny also envisions offering screenings, alternative fitness activities, healthy cooking demonstrations, tips on stress management and more that are focused on residents of all ages. The County Executive is also asking all of his Departments to think about how their efforts at outreach, promotion and education can tie into the campaign and further promote a healthy community.

Live Well Allegheny will be promoting and highlighting events and programs of partners in the effort as well. While the Health Department has already begun outreach to a number of those organizations in the region, those interested in being part of the campaign can contact the Health Department at 412-687-ACHD (2243) or by submitting information here.

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