A Small Borough Making Life a Little More Walkable

November 2,2016

PITTSBURGH– Braddock Hills, a Live Well Allegheny Community, is a small borough that is approximately eight miles east of downtown Pittsburgh. The Borough Secretary, Cheryl Sorrentino, shared more about the initiatives Braddock Hills has been developing to make its borough one of the healthiest and most active communities in Allegheny County. In 2016, the borough decided to partner with Live Well Allegheny in order to develop areas in the borough to be walking and exercise friendly. They hope that by partnering with the campaign it will allow them access to ideas that will improve the health and well-being of their residents.

Currently, Braddock Hills is working on a walking track initiative. They want to turn a currently underutilized field space and create a public park and a walking track. This will be an area that is not directly located near residential property to ensure privacy, but close enough to encourage residents to utilize the space. This is an initiative that the borough believes will greatly improve the well-being of their residents, since there are very few sidewalks in this area making its walkability far below where they would like it to be.

Additionally, Braddock Hills collaborates with other Live Well Allegheny partners as well as neighboring boroughs to find activities and events that are occurring nearby. The borough posts these events on the website to promote engagement and activity of residents.

Braddock Hills is doing a lot to promote and develop health and well-being within the borough. In the near future, Braddock Hills will be a very walker-friendly area. The borough believes if it is an example of showing it cares about the health of its citizens, it can be a bigger part of Allegheny County’s goal to be the healthiest in the United States.