Babb Inc. finds a fun way to stay active at work with the Annual LiveWell Open!

Babb Inc., a Live Well Allegheny Workplace, is leading the way in encouraging workplace wellness. In June, the Wellbeing Department hosted the 4th Annual LiveWell Open Golf Tournament in concurrence with the 2019 U.S. Open.

The team set up a 5-hole par-16 mini-golf course in the Ballroom of the Babb Inc. historical building located on Pittsburgh’s Northside. To enhance workplace culture and encourage participation, trophies, prizes, and, of course, bragging rights were awarded to the top golfers in the men’s and women’s categories. Practice rounds were held the week leading up to the tournament that took place on Wednesday, June 12.

This type of event creates friendly competition between coworkers and provides an opportunity for people to get up and move during the day. More than 20 people participated in the tournament. Babb, Inc. continues to grow their culture with different activities, such as the LiveWell Open, that reflect their belief that employee care and wellbeing is the number one priority in any organization.

Another way that Babb, Inc. is promoting wellbeing and engagement is through the 4th Annual SparkPittsburgh Step Challenge, which runs September 1 through October 15. This free and friendly challenge is designed to help organizations move towards better health and wellbeing one step at a time. Along with competing against other organizations, all steps contribute to Pittsburgh’s total step count to help make a difference in the health and wellbeing of the city!

This year, SparkPittsburgh is excited to announce the addition of Cleveland to the campaign (SparkCleveland)! Through the success of Pittsburgh, the partners hope to continue to expand Spark across the nation to help improve lifestyles across America. Visit to join the challenge today!


About Hannah Hardy

Hannah is the Program Manager for Allegheny County's Chronic Disease Prevention program, and oversees the Live Well Allegheny initiative.